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An initial career in Interior design evolved into an art direction for some of the worlds leading companies. In 2018, she illustrated various drawings for South Korea's most luxurious department store, The Galleria and the rest is history. Her unique ability to draw illustrations that work in harmony with VMD, space design, and graphic design creates

the perfect combination for masterful art. She has since illustrated, directed, and given consultations for some of the most highly sought after people and companies throughout Asia.


Her art has varied in scale from the size of a postcard to the expanse of an entire building. Her work has appeared in landmark buildings in South Korea and on the walls of many celebrity homes. 


Her best days are those spent creating beautiful illustrations at her studio in Los Angeles and South Korea and spending time with her family & friends. Because of her love for people, she believes through art she can express and provide a bright light of hope and love to others. In addition, her heart goes out to disadvantaged people so she actively works with various social enterprises and NGOs throughout the world.

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